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Strategic Business Planning in Oregon

Companies need a proper, well-thought-of business plan to achieve their goals and objectives. Fortunately, Mr. Wright is here to help organizations flourish by providing effective, strategic business planning in Oregon. From advising about equipment financing to startups to offering turnaround services to companies suffering a period of poor performance, Mr. Wright can do it all.

Reasons for Working with Us

In-Depth Interview

We offer free, comprehensive fact-finding sessions to determine if there is a match. We work to discover the situation and the problems/challenges in your company and eventually form a hypothesis and solutions to help you move to the next steps.

High-Quality Research

Depending on the complexity of your business situation, we’ll do thorough research to help you make informed decisions as you solve business dilemmas or work to develop your company.

Creative Solutions

When we look for business solutions for you, we ask what is right before we ask what is possible. We look at proven governing principles to be the bridge from today to tomorrow.

Efficient Planning

We begin with the end in mind. We believe calendaring your priorities helps you plan and strategize for the best route to your goals.

Clear Communication

We strive for clear and precise reports and communication. We also proactively communicate with your stakeholders and creditors to help them win deals.

Customer-Friendly Support

We represent you to our over $1 trillion financial backers. Our fees come only from you, the customer, and never from the investors or underwriters.

Deep Financial or Risk Analysis and Company Valuation by a Profitcents Advisor

Mr. Wright is a certified ProfitCents advisor with access to a database of over three million companies. He can do detailed industry reports and comparisons with improvement recommendations. Even better, Mr. Wright’s analyses come with excellent presentation and negotiating skills, allowing him to represent your financial needs to the best underwriter and get favorable results. This will help you save both time and money.

Executive Management Services

Three things must be done to reach the top. You must look up, reach up, and pull up:

  1. You need a clear vision for everyone to look up.
  2. Everyone must align in reaching up and letting go of past antiquated processes and perceptions.
  3. There needs to be the strength, motivation, foundation, and support to pull up.

Features of Our Executive Management Services

For our executive management services, we use advanced, sophisticated financial analysis to see your company’s past, present, and future based on a linear progression model. We then compare the data to the company’s peer group taken from a database of three million companies that is updated in real-time.

Our executive management services include:

Strategic Planning Services

As a certified Value Builder™, Mr. Wright can coach CEOs, owners, and executive teams to increase company value and reduce inherent risk. As the first step, we must get your Value Builder Score, which was created by John Warrilow, author of Built to Sell.

Your score measures your performance along the “8 Key Drivers of Company Value.” This step is free of fees and obligations, and the assessment report is yours to keep. How you proceed, considering the results, will be entirely up to you. Our strategic planning services include the following:

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Regardless of your industry or company size, going through The Value Builder System can create impressive returns for you.

Actually, in 2018, Value Builders worked with a local market partner called Business Doctors. It is also a certified Value Builder firm that selected 30 business owners from various industries to study as they went through The Value Builder System.

These selected companies had revenue ranging from approximately $250K to $3.5 million USD, and their Value Builder Score was analyzed when they started the program, at the four-month mark and at the eight-month mark. Later, results concluded that their Value Builder Score improved by 18% in just eight months.

New Assets Acquisition and Debt Restructuring and Workouts

Mr. Wright has over 40 years of banking, financial, sales, management, and marketing experience. He has already pitched countless investors, public and private lenders, creditors, and other stakeholders. He was even commissioned by a bankruptcy court before as the financial advisor in a complex Chapter 12.

He exposed fraud cases and found a buyer for the ranch at a price that took care of all creditors with enough cash left over for the rancher to start fresh. Using a combination of tools to make a presentation to a potential underwriter effective in getting results, he was able to get the bankruptcy dismissed quickly.

Value Creation

We connect with companies and stakeholders to support and strengthen your team during the transition and distressing times. WF E3 will quickly assess and identify the best options for your situation and then collaboratively stabilize and implement successful, value-producing solutions. Mr. Wright can help you with the following:

  1. Outlining Strategies for Accelerating Growth
  2. Improving an Operating Inefficiency
  3. Solving a Working Capital Shortfall
  4. Providing Urgent Crisis Management
  5. Guiding Your Company Through a Bankruptcy

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