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Increase your company’s value and meet your business goals with Wright Financial E3NTERPRISES, LLC. We provide creative solutions that help businesses succeed and grow their revenue by understanding our client’s challenges and committing to delivering exceptional results. Our consulting services include executive management, efficient strategic business planning, and equipment financing for startups in Oregon. Whether the business is starting or looking for significant growth, we provide the guidance and support they need to succeed in a competitive field.

We recognize the challenges startups face when securing equipment financing, which is essential to the business’s success. That’s why we secure funding for business equipment, finding the best financing options tailored to our customer’s needs. With our guidance and strategic planning, businesses acquire the necessary equipment and receive customized solutions to help their company thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our financing services and how we can help your business grow.

Our Case Studies

Passionate about helping companies succeed, we have partnered with many companies and helped them achieve significant growth. Our case studies highlight successful results from our experience, knowledge, and mission of making our customer’s vision a reality. Read our case studies to see how we have helped companies overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

A Dairy: A Large New Canadian-Owned Dairy Wanting to Control Its Source of Alfalfa

A Dairy located in Washington had connected with an experienced grower in Oregon who could develop and manage fields of Alfalfa.

Problem: The grower needed new equipment to do the job but lacked the credit history to borrow $1.5 million. Additionally, the dairy was new and lacked a production history.

Solution: WF E3 found an underwriter to finance the equipment through the dairy using the warranty of the Canadian parent at very attractive rates (nearly 4%). Then WF E3 created a “lease, sub-lease” structure between the dairy and the grower. The dairy earned an additional 2%, and the grower could lease the equipment with an option to buy. It is estimated that if the grower would have borrowed directly, the risk rating would have increased the overall cost by nearly $900,000.00, making the project economically unfeasible for both parties. It was truly a “win-win.”

Small Supermarket Chain

The company wanted to add two new stores located in the Portland, OR, marketplace. They needed $2.4 million to finance the fixtures and equipment.

Problem: Existing stores did not show much history of positive cash flow.

At the initial meeting with the CEO, Mr. Wright conducted a brief review of the financial results. He then suggested that the only way the deal could be done would be through the use of a credit enhancement: a 15% refundable security deposit.

The CEO told Mr. Wright that he had already spoken with a broker earlier and was told he could get it done. Mr. Wright left the interview and wished the president good luck. The CEO, after further reflection, appreciated the straight and honest assessment and called back the next day and hired WF E3.

Solution: Mr. Wright put together a solid forecast and business plan using the most sophisticated analytics and publishing software. He was able to get the financing at reasonable rates with the 15% refundable security deposit. The company opened the two new supermarket locations on time.

Large Bus Company

Problem: The owner had some losses and negative working capital. The bank had the company in special assets.

Solution: Mr. Wright dug deep into the company’s history. Over ten years of financial data were obtained. He was able to carve out the reasons for the losses and show the new underwriter that such causes had been mitigated. He was able to refinance all of the existing debt and create a positive debt-coverage ratio with room to spare. Within just a few years, the owner was able to sell the company with enhanced value and retire comfortably.

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