Physical address:
​6296 Donnelly Plaza
Ratkeville, ​Bahamas.

Accelabrator Technologies International, LLC

A new US and Great Britain Patent for Single Pass White Blast

Over 10 years in development.

Accelabrator Technologies International (ATI) was formed in October 2009 as a division of Corrosion Management Inc. (CMI), a Washington Corporation formed on July 28, 2006. The Division was sold to Wright Financial Corporation (Now Wright Financial Enterprises, LLC ) on March 8, 2010, in exchange for the forgiveness of $229,000 and the company’s future revenues. The value of the IP is placed at $2.2 Million. ATI will be the operating entity to produce the Revenues and generate the Expenses, whereas Wright Financial Enterprises, LLC will hold the intellectual property rights. WrightFinancial Enterprises, LLC will lease or license the use of the technology to ATI.

The company founders conducted research and came to the following conclusions:

Fact: “Corrosion costs in all industrialized nations average 3% of the GNP (Gross National Product) of each country.”:

Fact: “Corrosion costs the United States over $300 billion each year, which is equal to roughly 4% of the GNP”;

Fact: The existing steel surface preparation technology is currently nearing 50 years old. These machines have certain environmental and safety issues, and the surface profile that they produce does not meet the minimum standards required of either the steel surface preparation industry or of the companies that manufacture protective coatings and paints for the industry.

Looking to Raise up to $300,000.00.

The proto-type machine was sent to the Testing Lab of the World’s Largest manufacturer of blasting machines near Atlanta, GA. Based on the results, ATI, through the parent, is looking for either equity or debt to build at least one (possibly two) Beta Units to further test the necessary adjustments before going to market. Company will be offering Series A Convertible Shares, providing 12% return plus Equity.